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Planning Process; District and Parish Councils

The processes for reviewing planning applications at both Parish and District level are shown below.

District Council

The planning process for all matters within Little Chalfont is controlled by Chiltern District Council ('CDC'). The two key bodies are the CDC Planning Department and the CDC Planning Committee, the latter being a body comprising a sub-set of the elected District Councillors.

Once an application has been received by the CDC Planning Dept, it will be allocated a Case Officer who has overall ownership of the application until a decision is made. As a part of the process, a selected number of neighbours who will be directly impacted will be informed (the 'Neighbour Notification Plan'). These neighbours have 21 days to respond with their views. In addition the local parish or town council is also informed at this stage. There is nothing to prevent any other interested parties from commenting on an application and all comments will be taken into account.

The Case Officer will assess the application against the guidelines contained within Chiltern District Adopted Plan and also take into account the comments from the local council and other respondents. The Planning Department has the authority to decide on behalf of the CDC Planning Committee or to put the application before the Committee.

Once a decision has been made, the applicant (not an objector) has the right to the appeals process which is managed by the Planning Inspectorate.

Parish Council

The Parish Council has formed a Planning Committee which meets at least monthly. (for dates see 'Useful links' below). The applications to be reviewed by the Committee are contained within the agenda for each meeting which is posted prior to the meeting on the notice boards in the village and also on this web site. The Committee reports the outcome to Chiltern District Council on each application, stating whether it recommends rejection or approval.

To ensure that appropriate research time can be allotted to each application, the Chairman has allocated each Parish Councillor specific roads within the Parish. This ensures that the allotted Councillor can provide sufficient information to the Planning Committee to allow an informed decision to be made.

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