Little Chalfont Parish Council

     Phone: 01494 766655  

Parish Council and Planning Commitee Meetings

All meetings held in the Village Hall unless otherwise stated. The library is adjacent to the Village Hall. Click on the links below for the latest agendas.

Parish Council

 Next Parish Council Agenda

Meeting Dates:
Wed 08-January-2020 - 19:30
Wed 12-February-2020 - 19:30
Wed 11-March-2020 - 19:30
Wed 08-April-2020 - 19:30
Wed 13-May-2020 - 19:30
Wed 10-June-2020 - 19:30
Wed 08-July-2020 - 19:30
Wed 09-September-2020 - 19:30
Wed 14-October-2020 - 19:30
Wed 11-November-2020 - 19:30
Wed 09-December-2020 - 19:30

Planning Committee

 Next Planning Committee Agenda

Meeting Dates:
Wed 29-January-2020 - 19:30
Wed 19-February-2020 - 19:30
Wed 18-March-2020 - 19:30

Link to Dates of District Council Planning Meetings

Council Minutes

Minutes from Meetings of the Parish Council, Payment Schedules and Annual Reports:

Planning Minutes

Minutes from Meetings of the Parish Council Planning Committee:

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